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Art Director

As an Art Director I will push you towards new solutions that are in tune with the latest trends, while at the same time reflecting the soul of your brand.

I think disruptively and I love spicing up our projects with out of the box thinking so, if you ask me to do something different, something crazy, you will find me totally on board.


In our daily life we are constantly surrounded by words. My job as a copywriter is to transform those words into a compelling story.

The set of all those little curiosities, extraordinary daily gestures and actions that make up your brand, but generally remain unsaid, are  for me the core of a unique and exciting story, that I’m thrilled to tell.

Marketing Specialist

I’m a creative with an extensive marketing background. This always makes me focused on our goals, even in the most creative phases of my job. 

Nowadays people are bombed with ads, news and promos. In this jungle made of companies we have to make our communication useful, interesting: tailor-made. This is the key to create efficient strategies, that don’t simply reach an audience of fast-swiping users, but create an engaged community that listens and values our communication. 


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Want to know more about me?

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Copywriter, Art Director & Marketing Specialist, based in Rome.