Marketing strategies

Marketing research.

On-line & Off-line marketing integrated campaigns.

Unusual marketing actions & guerrilla.

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Contents creation

Creative contents for your website & Social Media, including videos, images, illustrations and texts.

Trends and results monitoring.

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Creative writing for videos, website, advertisement and Social media. 

Ghost writer for scientific papers and articles. 

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Art Direction

Videos and VR experience creative design and direction.

Art direction for advertisement.

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Huge project?


I have a trusted network of creative content creators: illustrators, graphic designers, video makers, 3D artists, copywriters, professional speakers… A tested team of creative and positive professionals who I work with. 

This is useful when we have a huge project and we must employ different skills. It’s like having a creative agency working for you but with two advantages: no agency costs and a team that is always built on your specific needs. 

I’m a creative thinker  who’s never afraid to propose something new. 

I don’t mean to twist your brand, but I will push you to see beyond what you have already done so far.
There are endless ways we can tell your story and I will bring you new ideas until we find the ONE that is perfect for you. 

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Copywriter, Art Director & Marketing Specialist, based in Rome.