Graduated in Business Economics and Organization and specialized in Marketing with honors, after a period in the corporate sector decides to apply her economic and organizational knowledge to the art world by finding innovative solutions for Galleries and Artists, through the organization of events and collaborations in order to promote Galleries and Artists activities. Strongly convinced that the excessive exclusivity of the art market is harmful to the public and operators of the sector, promotes cross sectorial collaborations, in order to bring art directly to the collector.


As a curator, her research is based on inclusion and experience. The curator must create art with the artists, changing the concept of exhibition into that of experience. Valentina investigates the most varied dynamics of involvement of the public to the work of art, sometimes more delicate and dynamic and sometimes deeply shocking and provocative in order to leave in the observer a curiosity, a perplexity, a memory, trying to transform the full exhibition into an art performance.


Specialized in organizing art events, in the luxury sector she manages events of Blue Hole Art gallery.

In 2018 she created the Open Museum project, a series of itinerant art events with the aim of bringing the public closer to contemporary art.

From 2017 she is part of the organizational staff of the Rome art week.